Biggest Genealogy Whoppers In My Tree

I decided to start a list of the biggest mistakes I have  found doing my family genealogy.  Always remember the internet is fully of "junky genealogy", do you own research. See my article on the people listed below:

1. John Gage is the son of Penelope D'Arcy and John Gage Baronet. No he is not!

2. Giles Cromwell is the son of Sir Oliver Cromwell and Elizabeth Bromley or Anna Hooftman and first cousin of the Oliver Cromwell. No he is not! He was a simple miller from the south of England.

3. Princess Nicketti.  Now, I have no doubt that somewhere along the line a man married a woman who was most likely a Native American, but there is no proof (documentation) that Nicketti even existed, nevermind all the other stuff that is written about her.

4. Jane Sandusky, another Indian Princess, not! Jane Unknown married Stephen Flanders.  She was outspoken, argumentative, and hostile, but she was not an Indian Princess.

5.  Pierre de Morlaix translates into Peter Morlay Perkins, I don't think so!

6. Enough of Chief Eagle Plume, aka Opechancanough of the Powhatan  and his supposed daughter Jane Eagle. Opechancanough was never, ever, called Chief Eagle Plume this seems to be an internet invention. please make it stop!

The original whopper

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