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Thanks for stopping by my website. I hope you found what you were looking for. If not, maybe I can help. Let me start by saying my blog has grown from a purely genealogy site to include articles on history, books I have written and books I have read. My most recent endeavor is book reviews. I've included some links below to help you navigate this site.

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Someday, I'll be a best selling author, awash in money. (One can dream) Until then, I'm a humble researcher blowing her cash on subscriptions to genealogy sites, books, and classes. If I have helped you in any way, please consider, making a small contribution, or purchase one of my books, write a review, give me shout out from your own blog/website, etc.



Revmarge616 said...


I am going to visit Bradford in early October. I hope to visit sites where my ancestor, Robert Hazeltine first settled. in fact may be one of the founders of Rawley. Is it possible to purchase one of your books on the history of the area. Two Years ago I visited Settle, England where I found Hazeltines. I have Roberts will. Any info you could share would be wonderful.

Margaret Williams

Unknown said...

I have a Bradbury family lineage that speaks of a Capt. Thomas Bradbury of York. Just looking to connect some dots. Any help would be appreciated.