Review Request: How To

As an avid reader I have decided to branch out and do reviews for those of you with less time on your hands. There's nothing worse than starting a book and realizing that you don't like it. Or perhaps you're an author looking for a free review on Amazon or Goodreads or even a mention here on my blog. As an Indie Author I fully understand the need for good reviews on every possible site!

What I love to read
Fiction: I love historical fiction, books about witches, real or otherwise, police procedurals, especially English. Murder mysteries are also a favorite. Oh, and time travel books with historically accurate travel to the past. I'll read Sci-Fi, fantasy andVampires if they're not too gory.

Non-fiction: Genealogy related books, Non-fiction history from Roman through the 18th century. My favorite time period is the middle ages, especially medieval Europe. I have a fondness for all things Tudor. Biographies of historical figures pre-1900s.

What I don't read
No self-help/how-to books. No politics. No children's books.

I do not care for romance for romance sake of any variety unless, and I stress this firmly, unless it is exceptionally well written with an inventive plot. If your book is boy meets girl, girl hates boy, girl loves boy in last five pages of the book, I won't like it. I will not read Erotica of any flavor.

I don't like Westerns and I don't read horror (used to, but too many nightmares!).

I am happy to read Indie Authors! I will read published and about to be published books. I am not interested in Beta reading so send me your completed, edited book. Publishers I am happy to review  your clients books.

If you would like me to review your book, please send me the following to
  • Your name /author name
  • Name of book
  • Number of pages
  • Book cover
  • Blurb about the book - make it good!
  • Date of publication
  • The book in mobi format or hard copy 
Please put review request in the subject of your email, so it does not get overlooked.

I will review each request and respond by email if I will read the book. If you can help me in any way promote my own books, your book might just jump the queue: ). If you have a deadline please make it clear in your email request and I will try to accommodate your date, no promises. 

In my review I will look at several aspects of your book. The story of course is very important. I will also critique the characters, the history if it is a historical novel, and your writing skills. Grammar and syntax are important to me as a reader and will be scrutinized for my review.  I will offer my honest, positive opinion. If perchance I do not like your book, or feel I cannot give it at least 3 stars, I will not do a review, that would be unfair to you and your readers. I will not buy your book, and as Amazon frowns on reciprocals I will not ask you to review my books. But, if you just happen to come across one, ya know.....

I will write a post about your book review here on my blog if it is historical/genealogical other genre that might be of interest to my readers. I will post a review to Amazon and to Goodreads. If you have some other site in mind, i.e. Barnes and Noble etc. let me know and I will try to post to other sites.  If I post your review on my blog I will link your book to my amazon associates account. 

Badger me or send me mean emails. I cry easily.

Note: As of 10 November all new reviews will be posted to my new blog: The Books Delight. You can find it here.

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Unknown said...

Jeanie read my book in a timely fashion and posted an insightful review. Her notes are considered, well structured and fair. Would recommend to any writer of historical fiction.

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