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Joseph Flanders of Salisbury, Massachusetts

Joseph Flanders was the fifth child of Stephen Flanders, Jr. and Abigail Carter.  He was born in 1677, he would lose his father in 1689 at age 12.  Not much is known about him, according to The Daily News of Newburyport, in an article about his son, he was a potter by trade.  The article also said that he bought land in 1699 from William Osgood. 
We do know that he married three times. 

#1 5 August 1700 Hester Cash she died in 1702

Anna b. 15 June 1701

#2 1 June 1703 married Hannah she died in May 5 1714

Ezekiel b. March 7 1705

Joseph b. Sept. 9 1707 m. Ruth Merrill
Nehemiah b. Feb 18 1709 m. Sarah Hackett
Ebenezer b. 1712

#3 married  Mrs. Mary Thompsen 16 Oct 1718

Phineas b. June 25 1720

Jeremiah b. July 6 1723
Mary b. Aug 6 1721
Moses b. Nov 17 1727

As his father before him, Joseph died in middle age leaving young children. 

Mary Flanders his daughter married Reuben Whittier.  This is the end of the Flanders line in my family.  Next up is the Whittiers. 

If you know anything more about Joseph Flanders send it my way. please.


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