Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Puritan Crime and Punishment #4

You know sometimes a good hardworking Puritan needs to cut loose, have a few brewskies, sing a few naughty songs and maybe shoot off his musket a time or two. What's so wrong with letting off a bit of steam!  Well it seems the powers that be frowned on such behavior, some guys just don't know how to have any fun.  

here are a few court cases along these notes:

Samuel Greenfield's presentment for singing a lavicious song and using unseemly gestures therewith, found to be true. He was committed to the marshal to be forth coming to be whipped or pay a fine. 

Joseph Fowler, Thomas Cook and Thomas Scott and two sons of Richard Kimball, presented for going into the woods shouting and singing taking fire and liquors with them, all being at unseasonable time of the night, and occasioning their wives and some others to go out and search therein. 

So the first guy is just singing a dirty song and bam, his neighbors turn him in and now he's gonna get whipped.  Joseph and his crew just wanted to cut loose without the ladies, who are probably responsible for them getting hauled into court. Sounds more like the average Friday night down here in Texas.

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