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Historical Fiction Book Review: Fog Coast Runaway by Linda B. Myers; A romp through the 1890s West Coast

Fog Coast Runaway by Linda B. Myers

Historical Fiction, 342 pages, published 6 April 2019 by MyComm One. 

Disclosure: I was given a copy of this book in exchange for my review. The opinions contained in their review are my own. 

The Plot in brief: Set in the 1890s West Coast. 13-year-old Adelia has a rough life with her neglectful father and abusive brother and when it reaches the breaking point, she runs. In the town of Seaside she finds a new life and a new beginning, but she can’t outrun trouble. Over the course of a year, Adelia cobbles together a makeshift family of misfits, loners and other like her on the run from their past. Adelia’s search for safety, love and happiness takes her from the Oregon Coast to an inland logging camp and back to riverside town of Astoria.

The Characters: Adelia is well drawn and a compelling main character. She captivated my attention from the start and I cheered her on through her adventures, her highs and her many lows. There are numerous other characters who fill the pages of this book, each a unique figure in Adelia’s life. I enjoyed the mix of nationalities, especially the Finns. It brought to life the melting pot that was the West Coast at the time.

The History: 1890s Oregon and California were rough and tumble places, very different from the East Coast at that time. The story felt well researched and authentic.

The Writing: Written in 3rd person POV, I enjoyed the pace of the novel, not to fast, not to slow. It has a steady progression.  The prose is good and well written and easy to understand. I enjoyed the inclusion of period songs and slang which added to the historic atmosphere.  I thought that some of the dialogue was too adult for 13 year Adelia, despite her maturity; I had a hard time picturing her speaking some of her lines.

Conclusion: I really enjoyed the story and the setting. I do have one caveat, without giving away the plot, some of Adelia’s actions made me very uncomfortable and in order to read the book I had to reset her age in my head. 

I would rate this book 4 stars out of 5 and recommend it to readers of historical fiction and those who enjoy coming of age stories. 

My Ratings: 

1  Star: Not good at all, do not read!

2  Stars: Read only as a last resort, no other books available

3 Stars: Good, enjoyed it, will recommend with reservations

4 Stars: Really good, read this book!

5 Stars: So good, I might read it again sometime! Highly recommend

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