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Augustus Clayton Roberds Buncombe, Gilmer and Texas

Augustus Clayton Roberds was born 6 October 1803 in Buncombe County, NC.  He married Mary Anderson in 1823, he was 20 and she 15.  He moved the family to Gilmer, Georgia by the 1850 census. He worked as a housepainter.  In 1868 a large group of Gilmer residents including many Roberds/Roberts families left Georgia and headed for Texas.  It is said that they left in May of 67 and arrived in September.  There was a significant loss of life, probably from Cholera and other diseases.  Neither Augustus nor his wife Mary survived the journey.  It is believed that they died somewhere around the Mississippi River in Louisana. This family kept the old spelling of the name: Roberds. Here are their children:

Elizabeth Caroline Roberds born 25 July 1824 in Buncombe, NC.  She married John Sitton in 1842 in Cherokee, Georgia.  They and their 8 children were part of the group headed for Texas.  She and four of her children died on they way.  Her husband John  made it to Nacogdoches, Texas.
Nancy Levisa Roberds born 27 Feb 1828 in Buncombe County.  She married John Kirby in Gilmer, Georgia.  Her husband is last found in the 1880 Gilmer census.  Her son James Hamilton Kirby moved to McClennan County, Texas and Nancy joined them there.  That would have been near the town of Waco. Nancy died in Texas in 1891.
Laura Delany Roberds was born 21 July 1832 in Buncombe, NC.  She married William Cox in Gilmer, Georgia in 1856.  William served in Company H in the 1st Georgia Infantry.  His rank was 1st Lt. I don't know what the cause of death was, but it was possibly war related, he died in 1865.  Laura died in Elijay, Gilmer, Georgia in 1886.  None of her children left Georgia.
Basil Manley Roberds born 19 May 1834.  supposedly killed in action during the Civil War.
Robert John Roberds born 1838 no info after 1850 census
Mary Ann Roberds born 24 July 1843 married John W. Greer in Gilmer, Georgia. They were in Elijay, Georgia until the 1870 census.  In 1880 they had made their way to Las Animas, Colorado, where some of their cousins had settled after moving on from Texas.  John died in 1902 and Mary Ann died in 1920 in Los Angles California.
Augustus Clayton Roberds, Jr. was born 23 July 1848.  He and his wife and family left Gilmer and settled in Fairfield in Freestone County, Texas. He and his wife Sarah Antonette Vaughn had at least 11 children, most who lived in the Fairfield area.
Lillie Aravilla Roberds
Lillie Aravilla Roberds was born in 1850, in 1869 she married Dr. James R. Johnson.  They left Gilmer and settled in Stilwell, Oklahoma.  She died in 1909.

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