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Pierce Roberds of Buncombe, NC and Gilmer, GA

Pierce Roberds was born in Buncombe County in about 1805.  His parents were Robert and Nancy Roberts of Buncombe County.  Pierce was married twice and most of his children were from his first marriage to Mary Caroline McKinney.  His second wife was a widow named Margaret Weaver, and she brought her own children into the marriage.  In 1850 the combined family lived in Buncombe, eventually many of the Weaver girls married Roberts boys and this closely knit unit moved to Gilmer, County Georgia with the other Roberts families. Most of the sons would participate in the Civil War, and some would die. The others migrated West to Texas and Colorado as did other Roberts families.  Pierce and Margaret would  remain in Georgia.  He died in 1877, she died before him in 1866.  Here are their combined children.

Charles McKinney Roberds was born Nov. 11, 1827 to Pierce and Mary. In 1850 he married Rebecca Jane Barnard.  The had 8 children, one born postumously. Charles was killed in action during the Civil War on 28 Sept 1864.

Levisa M. Roberds was born 19 Dec 1829. She married Samuel Franklin Williams in 1848 and they had at least 6 children.  She died Dec. 5, 1864.  Her widowed husband, Samuel, married Rebecca Barnard Roberds, the widow of Charles McKinney Roberds, Levisa's brother.

John M. Roberds was born in Buncombe around 1833.  He married Mary "Kate" Weaver, his step-sister before 1856.  They had 2 children.  John died, probably in 1865, trying to cross the Mississippi River, on their way to Texas.

Nancy Caroline Roberds
Nancy Caroline Roberds was born 16 Oct. 1835, she married Western R. Welch in Elijay, Georgia in 1858. Western served in the Confederate Army from Georgia.  They stayed in Elijay and did not migrate with the other family members. She died in 1911.

Pierce Adolphus Roberds was born about 1837.  He enlisted with the 11th Georgia and was captured at he Battle of Gettysburg.  He died in the POW camp at Point Lookout Maryland in Sept. of 1664. He never married.

Elbert Roberds was born about 1840 he also enlisted in the 11th Georgia.  This group was known as the Gilmer Boys.  He was discharged by the Surgeon for some type of disablity in 1862.  He is last found in the 1870 census living with his father and sister Nancy.

James Hardy Roberds was born about 1842 in Buncombe to Pierce and Mary.  He was also a Gilmer Boy, he  enlisted in 1861 and was last in service in 1864.  He married in Texas Mary Catherine "Kate" Berry. They lived in Granbury, Texas and later in Port Arthur.  He died sometime after 1920.

William Roberds was born about 1845.  In many family trees his middle name is Weaver, if this is the case that his mother is probably Margaret Weaver as apposed to Mary Caroline. William did not serve in the Civil War.  He married Fatima Banks from Elijay, Georgia.  They stayed in Gilmer County until after 1880 when they left for Colorado.  In 1900 they were in Shawnee, Oklahoma but by 1910 they were back in Colorado.  Fatima's sister Martha Jennie Banks married Junius Roberds, William's nephew.  Junius' father was John M. Roberds.  Fatima died in 1902, William was still alive in 1920.

Laura L. Roberds Dupree
Laura L. Roberds was born in Oct. 1847 in Buncombe County, she was the last of the Roberds children, her mother was Margaret Weaver.  Laura married James Dupree in 1875.  She lived in Gilmer County for the rest of her life.  She died in August 1911.

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