Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Puritan Crime and Punishment #2

The following people were presented to the court in Salem on 28-12-1642

John Holdgrave was admonished for perjury and affirming  untruths before the church of Salem

John Colver presented for carrying a burden on the Lord's day, he was out of the country and could not answer for his crime.

Robert Cotta and Phillip Crumwell admonished for reproachful speeches against Phillip Verrin

Josua Downing for carrying a burden upon his ass on the Lord's Day about two years ago (really two years ago)

William Flynt was presented for not living with his wife. His answer: his mother was not willing to lett his wyfe  come (sure blame it on your mother)

Michael Millner of Lynn presented upon a common fame  for idly and non profitably spending his time. He was not present he had "gone to Long Island" (I'd go to Long Island too, is I couldn't sit down for a few minutes without being dragged into court)

My favorite:
Roger Scott of Lynn presented for common sleeping at public exercise on the Lord's Day and for striking he who waked him.

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