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William Baker Jr. and Elizabeth Heard of Ipswich and Salisbury, MA

William Baker Jr. was the second child of William Baker and his wife Sarah Fitts in Ipswich.  It seems his parents had a first child, also named William, who was born 14 November 1687, this child died the same day.  William Jr. yeoman, married Elizabeth Heard, daughter of Benjamin Heard and Ruth Eastman in Salisbury on 24 Sept. 1713. She was born in Salisbury on 26 May 1691. Elizabeth joined the church of Salisbury on 26 July 1713. 

There is not much in the literature about this couple.  They seemed to have lived a quiet life. William remarried in 1757 to a widow named Mary Bixby.  He died 27 Feb. 1766.  

Children of William and Elizabeth
Benjamin Baker b: 27 Jan 1714 in Salisbury m. Ruth True   my ancestors
Nathaniel Baker b: 16 Jan 1716 in Salisbury 
Abraham Baker b: 13 Mar 1718/1719  d. 30 May 1719
Sarah Baker b: 25 Jan 1720/1721 in Salisbury m. Daniel Clough, Stephen Webster
Ruth Baker b: 16 Jul 1722 in Salisbury m. Phillip Griffin
Abigail Baker b: 17 Nov 1723 in Salisbury m. Phillip Brown
Samuel Baker b: 21 Jan 1724/1725 in Salisbury m. three times: Jerusha Eastman, Mary       Allen, and Abigail Crocker d. 9 April 1801
Elizabeth Baker b: 12 Mar 1725/1726 in Salisbury m. Joseph Eastman

My Baker Line with links:

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