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William Harvey and Martha Copp of Boston, MA

This will be a very short bio as William Harvey left little evidence of his life for us to find. He was born no later than 1628, most likely in England.  His origins are unknown, neither his parents or place of birth have been identified.  He married Martha Copp in 1650, a marriage which lasted 8 years and ended in 1658 with his death. When he died he left Martha a widow with four small children and a very meager estate valued at 38 pounds. The inventory included a house, garden and some pigs. Martha was granted power of administration of the estate. Their children were; William, Thomas, John and Mary.

Martha was the daughter of William Copp and Anne Rogers of Warwickshire, England.  William and his second wife Goodith had immigrated to the Massachusetts Bay Colony by 1640, Martha was about 10 years old at the time. The Copps lived in Boston on what would become known as Copp's Hill.

William died on 15 August 1658, his estate was probated the following January.  By November of 1659 Martha had remarried.  The marriage service was performed by then Governor John Endicott. Puritans viewed marriage as a contract and not a covenant and so it was not a religious event. In fact the 'ceremony' was most often performed at home by the local magistrate.  The couple were asked to respond to a simple question and if they both answered yes they were married.  There were no vows or wedding rings exchanged and no wedding dress, the whole affair was over in a blink of any eye. The marriage was usually followed by a nice dinner with family and friends. The next day was business as usual.

henry tewksbury
Martha's second husband was Henry Tewksbury.   Henry is another mystery man, his ancestry is, like William's, unknown. He must have been living in Boston at the time of their marriage, and their first child was born on 22 August 1660 in Boston.  When Martha's father William Copp wrote his will in 1662, Martha and her family appear to have been living in one of his houses. The will, dated 31 Oct says Daughter Tewskbury to live in the house where son David lives.  David Copp was her brother. However, the Tewksbury's second child, Hannah, seems to have been born in Newbury.  Maybe Martha's father was making sure she had a home just in case.

newbury to amesbury
Henry's name is not often found in the old Newbury records.  In May of 1669 he took the oath of fidelity in Newbury but then sold his land there and moved to Amesbury, MA. Henry and Martha would remain in Amesbury for the rest of their lives.  The date of death is not certain for either one. At least five of Martha's children seem to have died before her.

Martha's Children:
  1. William Harvey b. 27 Aug 1651 Boston, named in Grandfather's 1662 will, nothing more.
  2. Thomas Harvey, weaver,  b. 16 Aug 1652 Boston, m. Sarah Rowell, d/o ancestor Valentine Rowell, d.      by Jan 1716 when estate was probated in Amesbury.
  3. John Harvey, weaver and carpenter, b. 1655 Boston, m. Sarah Barnes Rowell, wid/o Thomas    Rowell,  d/o ancestor William Barnes, sister/o ancestor Rachel Barnes Sargent, d. 8 March 1705/6 Amesbury.
  4. Mary Harvey b. 2 June 1657 Boston, named in Grandfather's 1662 will, nothing more.
  5. Elizabeth Tewksbury b. 22 Aug 1660 Boston, nothing further
  6. Hanna Tewksbury b. 1 Sept. 1662 Newbury, m. James Sanders
  7. Henry Tewksbury b. 15 Dec 1664 Newbury, m. Hannah Unknown
  8. Naomi Tewksbury b. 18 Jan 1666/7, m. John Eliot
  9. Ruth Tewksbury b. 10 March 1668/9
10. Mary Tewksbury 23 Jan 1670/1, bp in Boston, m. Phillip Sargent
11. Martha Tewksbury b. 3 March 1662/3, d. 9 March 1663/4
12. John Tewksbury b. 27 July 1674 Amesbury, m. Hannah Colby

my ancestors:
William Copp and Anne Rogers
Martha Copp and William Harvey
John Harvey and Sarah Barnes
Judith Harvey and Jacob Sargent
Tabitha Sargent and John Foss
David Foss and Anne Richardson
Anna Foss and Rueben Moore
Mary Moore and Samuel Duncan Rowell
Enoch Rowell and Viola Rowell
Jennie Clover Rowell and John Clark Thornton
my grandparents
my parents

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