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Jonathan Blanchard and Ann Lovejoy of Andover, MA

Jonathan Blanchard's birth was recorded by his father Samuel Blanchard in the family bible along with the births of his brothers and sisters, his father's marriages and his date of arrival in the Massachusetts Bay Colony.  This bible is said to be in the possession of The Bible Society in New York City. Jonathan was born on 25 May 1664 in Charlestown but moved with the family to Andover.  Twenty one years and one day later, on May 26 1685 Jonathan married Ann Lovejoy in Andover. 

Children of Jonathan and Anne Lovejoy, all born at Andover :

Johnathan b. Feb. 28, 1685-6; yeoman, bricklayer and housewright; lived in Andover, except in 1732, when he is called of Woburn; m. Sarah Paine Nov. 11, 1708; he d. Feb. 21, 1748-9; his wife Sarah survived him, and probably m., secondly, Capt. William Lovejoy Nov. 28, 1749. She d. Oct. 9, 1772, aged eighty-four. Mr. Blanchard probably had no children.

 DAVID b. June 8, 1687; weaver; lived in Andover; m. Rebecca Frost Aug. 10, 1725; he d. in Andover Oct. 13, 1732, aged forty-five
JACOB b. Feb. 19, 1689; mason; lived in Boston; m. Abigail; and d. in or before 1732, leaving a daughter. 
ANNE b. April 6, 1691; m. Timothy Mooar May 12, 1712; and d. Dec. 25, 1729.
BENJAMIN b. Feb. 14, 1693.  ancestor married Mary Abbott
Mary b. Dec. 2, 1696; probably m. Thomas Phelps July 4, 1722

witnesses to the witch trials?
Not much is know about the life of Jonathan and Anne.  They did live through the turmoil and terror of the Salem witch trials. About 40 people, mostly women, from Andover were accused of witchcraft, most notable Martha Carrier, who the Rev. Cotton Mather called "The Queen of Hell". She was hanged on Aug 19, 1692. No doubt  the Blanchard's were well acquainted with those charged, but what they made of it all is and will always be unknown. 

In 1709 the town of Andover was divided into two parishes, North and South.  This was to accommodate the growth of the town to the South.  Jonathan signed the petition in favor of the division, which was granted by the General Court. 

Ann died on Feb 29 1723/4 at age 65 and Jonathan remarried. His second wife was a widow, Hannah Wyman of Woburn, they married in Feb of 1725. Jonathan died at the great age of 78 in 1742.

Jonathan Blanchard
Ann Lovejoy

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