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Joseph Hibbart and Elizabeth Graves of Salem and Beverly, MA

Not much is known about Joseph Hibbart who, with his twin brother Robert, was born in May of 1648 in Salem, MA.  His father, Robert, had immigrated from England in the early days of the Colony, working for John Winthrop Jr. at his salt house. His mother's name was Joan, her last name is unknown.  The area in Salem where Joseph's family lived separated from Salem and became known as Beverly, he spent his whole life there. 

a 'confusion' of marriages
It is written in several reference  books that on 20 Oct 1670 Joseph married Elizabeth Graves, his brother John married Abigail Graves, possibly her sister on the same day. I have also read that Joseph married Abigail Elizabeth Graves.  The official record, Salem Town Records, is confusing as it was written by several different people with different handwriting at different times and apparently an error(s) was made when recording the marriage and other information.  The record says that Joseph married Abigail Graves, but it is believed that Abigail was the first wife of John, he then married Ruth Walden in 1679.

so who was elizabeth graves
The best answer is I don't know.  The net offers several choices of father but I don't think any of them are correct.  Choice one is Richard Graves and his wife Dorothy.  They had a daughter Elizabeth born c. 1645, however she was dead by 1661 which sorta rules her out. Choice two is Thomas Graves and Sarah Whiting, unfortunately their daughter Elizabeth was born in 1625, to old for our Elizabeth. It is possible that her surname was not even Graves and that the recorder totally messed things up. 

children of joseph and elizabeth
mary b. ? m. Daniel Collins 1692 in Salem
Joanna b. 1676 d. 14 Oct 1678
Dorcas b. ? baptized in 1692 m. Nathaniel Abbott of Andover
Jeremiah b. 9 Aug 1683, b. 1692, m. Mary Derby
Bridget b. 11 May 1687, m. Matthew Coy
Elizabeth b. ?, bp. 1892   m. Benjamin Haskell
Abigail, not named in 1701 will
Sarah, bp. 1692
Rebecca b. 11 July 1692, m.
Joseph b. 11 July 1692 twin of Rebecca, m. Mary Stone
most of the children are recorded as having  been baptized in 1692, was this the result of the ongoing witch trials?

Not much more is known about Joseph and Elizabeth. Joseph died 14 May 1701 age 53. His will was filed on 30 June.  Elizabeth was still alive at that time, her death, if recorded, is not known. In 1721 the surviving heirs of Robert Hibbart released their rights to his land, they were: Dorcas, Bridget, Elizabeth (Haskell) and Jeremiah. As his wife Elizabeth was not listed I presume that she had died by that date and it is possible that it was her death that brought about the sale of the land.

Vital Records of Beverly Births

Vital Records of Beverly Marriages and Deaths

Hibbard, Augustine George, Genealogy of the Hibbard Family: Who are Descendants of Robert Hibbard of Salem, Massachusetts, Woodstock, Conn: A. G. Hibbard, 1901

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Anonymous said...

I've found similar patterns - a group of children all baptized at the same time. It often ties in to when a parent was admitted to the church.

I think the date is coincidental - the legal proceedings were happening in Salem Town, but the vast majority of the accused came from other towns (especially Andover.)

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