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Henry Pinder and Mary Rogers of Ipswich

St. Mary's, Cambridge
English Origins Henry Pinder and Mary Rogers Pinder, early immigrants to Ipswich, Massachusetts in the Bay Colony, were married on 22 May 1614 at St. Mary's the Great, in Cambridge, Cambridgeshire, England.  Based on her stated age when immigrating Mary was born in 1582 and Henry is believed to have been born by 1589, based on his date of marriage.  Together they had seven children, six girls and one son, all born in England. Baptismal records have been found for some of the children in Cambridge, England. 

Coming to America There is no record of Henry coming to America, but his family was listed as passengers on the "Susan and Ellen" which sailed in May of 1635 for Massachusetts.  Mary, along with six of her children are on the manifest. Phebe, the youngest, presumably died sometime after her birth in 1629. 

Life in Ipswich The first recorded mention  of Henry is not until 1636, by that time he and his family had settled in Ipswich.  He worked as a carpenter, but probably had to do some farming as well. He is recorded as owing the estate of one John Dillingham 6 pounds 12shillings. He and Thomas Rowell, another ancestor,  had contracted to build a prison house, which they did not complete and were sued in 1653. Henry was mentioned in only one land record.  Although he spent 20 years in Ipswich, he managed to remain mostly under the radar.
Mary died sometime between 1647 when she witnessed an offense committed by Joseph Fowler against her son John and 1655 when Henry, her husband remarried. Henry's second wife was Elizabeth Andrews, widow of Robert Andrews, her maiden name is unknown.
Henry died 6 Feb 1661/2. He left no will and no action was taken on his estate.

children of Henry and Mary
Francis bp. 6 August 1615, no further record
Mary bp. 14 Sept 1617 m. 21 March 1643 Solomon Martin 
Joanna b. about 1620 m. Valentine Rowell 14 November 1643, m. William Sargent 18 September 1670, m. Richard Currier 26 October 1676 
Anna bp.  13 January 1620/21, listed on ship manifest, no further record
Katherine bp. 23 January 1624/25, listed on ship manifest, no further record
John b. about 1627, m. Elizabeth Wilson by 1658.

Internet Errors A search on reveals hundreds of trees with list parents for both Henry and his first wife Mary Rogers. It is obvious that most of these names are just copied from other trees.  Henry parents are routinely listed as Michael Pinder and Mary Aldworth.  They are said to have married 1577 in Salisbury, Essex, Massachusetts.  Can you spot the obvious mistake in that information, if not go back and reread your history books! Also, Henry's birthplace is given as Ipswich, Gloucester, there is no such place.  There is an Ipswich in Suffolk, England. Now there was a Michael Pinder of All Hallows, Bread St. London who married Mary Aldworth  on 24 June 1633.  They had a son Henry Pinder, born 20 November 1636, but he is not our man, but this may be where those names come from.

Mary's parents are given to be George and Susan Locket.  They were married in 1592.  This was a full ten years after the birth of Mary.  I think that pretty much rules them out.

So unless someone comes up with some concrete evidence of the parentage of Henry and Mary, those spots will be blank in my tree!

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