Friday, March 16, 2012

Cootes and Lundys

Happy St. Patrick's Day!  Most of my posts have been about my English ancestry, on my father's side,  but that is only half of who I am. The other half is Irish. The Irish are harder to trace and I don't know a whole lot once I  get past great grandparents.
 Here is a lovely photo of my grandparents on their wedding day.  They immigrated separately to Boston, Massachusetts, met and married there, and then inexplicably they returned to Ireland.  They remained in Ireland until the 1950's when once again they immigrated to Boston. Some things are just meant to be.  I have great memories of my grandparents and am glad that I was able to know them. Their life was never easy and the good things came hard, but Grandpa was always good for a laugh and a really bad joke.  How many people live in that graveyard? 
Coote Kids

My grandfather was Stephen Coote.  His parents were Thomas and Honora Moroney Coote of Ennis, County Clare. They lived in the parish of Drumcliff.  In the census of 1911 Thomas and Honora lived at # 4 Cornmarket Street.  Thomas was an attendant at an insane asylum.  He was baptized on 24 July 1868, Honora was a few years younger.  The first of at least 12 children was born on 8 June 1893, so it is safe to say that they married in 1892. 
Honora's sister Mary married Thomas' brother, they too lived in Ennis as well as Honora and Mary's parents Patrick and Margaret Moroney.  In 1911 Patrick and Margaret lived on Francis Street along with the Honora's oldest son John.  Patrick was a nail maker and John a tailor. 
The children of Thomas and Honora were:
Stephen was the only child to come to America.

Magaret Lundy was born in the townland of Coolrawer, parish of Achonry West, Subdistrict of Curry, and Poor Union of Tubbercurry.  She was the daughter of Thomas and Mary Carty who lived at #49 Coolrawer.  He was born approx. 1857.  In the same neighborhood, according to the census are John and Mary Lundy aged 74 and 60, these are possibly his parents.  Also in the same area are Patrick Lundy and his wife Catherine, and Thomas Lundy and his wife Bridget.  
Thomas and Mary Carty had at least eight children.  Four of those children immigrated to the Boston area of Massachusetts.  
Martin I hope you read this and see how much help I need filling in details, and where are my pictures?

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