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August Schulz and Catherina Ciesnik of Stevens Point Wiconsin

August and Catherina Schulz were the grandparents of Angeline Walkush, my son's Grandmother.  August and Catherine were born in West Prussia, now known as Poland. Catherine was born in Starogard Gd. Pomerania, Prussia in 1854, her parents were Joseph and Johanna Kleinowski Ciesnik. August was born June 29, 1853, parents unknown.  
August and Catherina were married in the Starogard Parish in 1878.  They had three children in Prussia, the last in 1882, their next child was born in the US in 1883.  According to his naturalization papers, they arrived in the Port of Baltimore on November 23, 1883. The name of the ship they traveled on was aptly named the America. 
Like the Walkush family in a previous blog, August and Catherina were from the West Prussian province of Pomerania, in fact, Stezeca, where the Walkush family was from, is not to far from Starogard. August's occupation was listed as laborer.
The family traveled to Portage County and settled in Hull Town. There was an August Schultz who recieved a land grant but I cannot confirm it was this August.  Not much is written about the family. All the census show his occupation as farmer. August and Catherine had the following children:
1. Veronika b. 5 July 1879 d. 19 Oct 1959 m. Michael Ostrowski
2. Johann b. 1881 d. age one month
3.  August, Jr. b. 1 May 1882 m. Maria Marachowska
4.  Maria b. 21 Dec 1883 d. 8 Jan 1884
5.  Martha b. 28 Dec 1884 d. 22 Jan 1885
6.  Anna b. 25 Dec 1885 d. 31 Jan 1886
7.  Pelagia b. 17 Dec 1887 d. 19 Jan 1888
8.  Francisca b. 26 Nov 1888 d. 24 Dec 1888
9.  Genofevam b. Dec 89 d. Feb 1890
10.  Clara b. 12 August 1891 d. 27 Jan 1972 m. John C. Walkush, Peter Konkol
11. Johanna b. 1 August 1894 d. 30 May 1953 m. Stanley Jankowski 
12. Vincent b. 22 Oct 1895 d. 17 Nov 1968 
13.  Francis b. 22 Mar 1901 d. 27 August 1901
Only five of their thirteen children lived to adulthood, the other six died as infants. Catherina had a baby almost every year and lost a baby most years as well.  Catherina died herself in 1913 of chronic nephritis. August lived another 26 years, dying in 1939 at the home of  his daughter Veronika.

Thanks to Ralph Losiniecki from Wisconsin who alerted me to some errors in my research!


Anonymous said...

Hi Jeanie,

So nice to see a website like yours ! I too am interested in Starogard Gdański, Poland area. My relatives came from there as well. My Great Great Grandfather was born there in 1814 his name was Gottlieb Ferdinand Beyer. I am searching without any luck his his family life in this area. Are you able to point me in the right direction. ? Regards Alane

Robert said...

Alane, I had lots of help from previous researchers but here are some websites that you might check out: (polish genealogical society of america not just for people of Jewish descent search other polish sites with this one
good luck, jeanie

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