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Horton Clark Jennison (1847-1939) son of George Henry Jennison of Swanton, Vermont: Is this your family?

Horton Clark Jennison
Taking a break from my second novel to post some pictures that were donated to a resale shop. This handsome man is Horton Clark Jennison. He was born on 24 March 1874 in Mason City, Iowa. Mason City is due north of Des Moines, and sorry Iowa but it appears to be in the middle of nowhere.  Sorry just sayin. Anyway Horton's parents were George Henry Jennison and Addie Mary Potter, originally from Swanton, Vermont. According to an ancestry tree George Henry was the son of Nahum Eager Jennison (no that's not a typo). Nahum Eager was a minute man in Massachusetts, probably a friend or hero to the parents. In fact I just found a reference for a Israel Jennison whose married daughter was Sarah Eager, so it seems they were related. 

If this ancestry is correct, which at first glance seems plausible. Nahum was born on 24 April 1793 in Worcester, MA, he died 8 August 1849 in Swanton, Vermont. Swanton is just shy of the Canadian border. Nahum married Betsy Hubbard in Swanton on 5 January 1824 and had at least nine children, George Henry coming at the end. George married Addie Mary Potter of St. Albans. At some time after their marriage the couple moved to Mason City, Iowa. 

Horton, who was a clerk in a store,  married Anna Hutchins on 8 June 1910 in Cerro County, Iowa. In 1916 Horton and his family were living in Los Angeles, California, working as a clerk. His sister Addie Lou Jennison Hathaway and her husband Earl had also removed to California. Below is one of two pictures of Horton and his fellow employees. 

Horton is second from left, top row

This is a picture of Addie Lou Jennison Hathaway, Lou was Horton's sister. On the back it say's it was taken about 1910.

So, do you know these folk? More importantly do you want these photos? If so, please contact me with your mailing address. What I ask in return is one of two things: $10.00 via the donate button above to cover the cost of photo mailing envelop, postage and my time or buy my book, the digital version is  under $10.00. 

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