Wednesday, March 20, 2019

Great Blogs: Boston 1775 and Nutfield Genealogy

I thought I'd write about some of my favorite blogs that I go to for information or just to see what everyone else is up too. Here are two great blogs, one history and one genealogy. 

Nutfield Genealogy by Heather Wilkinson Rojo. 

Nutfield was the original name of Londonderry, New Hampshire. It was settled by Scots-Irish immigrants in the 1700s. My ancestors lived there so I enjoy this blog a lot. Heather and I have some common ancestors which is fun. She writes about the early inhabitants of the town, history, current genealogy events, such at the 400th anniversary of Plymouth and other great topics. Blog posts are well labeled and easy to search. She does not advertise on her blog so it is clutter-free which makes for very easy reading. I have posted comments on her blog and gotten swift replies. The research is sound and reliable. 

If you are researching ancestors in New Hampshire this is a great place to look for information. You can find Nutfield Genealogy here.

Boston 1775

Boston 1775 is the work of author and historian J. L. Bell. The blog has a very narrow focus: the start of the American Revolution and Boston. Bell is a prolific blogger, posting almost daily. The site is well laid out and easy to navigate. Subject range from people, place, politics and gossip. The list of labels is massive. Bell also lists a great list of his favorite blogs such as 18th c. American Woman and other websites for historical places such as the Old North Church in Boston. Along the left hand side of the blog is a lengthy list of resources with links. This is a great help for those looking to expand their research. He has links to the National Archives, The British National Archives, lots of historical societies and genealogy research sites such as American Ancestors. 

My only complain about his site is that the print is very small and squished together, otherwise it's the bomb. You can find Boston 1775 here.  J. L. Bell is also a contributing author to the great site Journal of the American Revolution. A fantastic website that is all things American Revolution, written by top notch experts. You can find the Journal of the American Revolution  here. 

I have read one of Bell's books: The Road to Concord and found it highly entertaining and very informative. 

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