My Brickwalls

These are my personal brick walls. People who I need help researching.  If you know something about these folks, I sure would appreciate some help!
(I'll be adding to this list a little at a time, so check back!)

Lucinda Flora Thornton.  dau of Samuel and Chloe Thornton. married Andrew Barr in Vermont.  Andrew and their two children move to Iowa, she does not.  I would like to find a date of death for Lucinda.

*Samuel Thornton(s) these guys drive me batty. Samuel 1 was the son of James Thornton, his brother was Matthew Thornton, signer of the Declaration of Independence.  You would think that at least something would be known about him, other than the fact that he produced a lot of children.  Samuel 2 his son is better known but still there is a lot missing.*  think I got this one!

Phebe Carter. born in New Hampshire of Vermont.  Married to James Blanchard and lived in Greensboro Vermont.  Who were her parents???

Have a great day!