Sunday, September 30, 2012

Do You Know these Manchester Bowkers?

Margaret Ann Bowker

John Bowker
Elizabeth Bowker Thornton and Her Brother????
I have been lucky enough to have access to quite a few old photos. I know who most of the people are in the photos but there are a few that draw blanks.  I have seen sites where you can post you photos and hope that someone will see them and recognize the faces or places in the snapshot.  I thought I would just try posting some here in hopes that someone might  by chance identify some of these people.
In the above photos I have four Bowker siblings.  The Bowker family was living in Manchester, England.  Two of the children of William and Margaret Ann Banks Bowker immigrated to the Boston area prior to 1925.  The top photos are of Margaret Ann Bowker and her brother John Bowker of Manchester, England.  The bottom picture is Elizabeth Bowker, her daugher and one of her other brothers.  Who is he, James or William.  Where were they, he must have come from England to visit. Do you know William, John, James or Margaret Ann Bowker?

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