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Robert Gains Roberts and Mary "Polly" Deweese

Robert Gains Roberts was the son of Robert and Nancy Roberts.  According to the family bible of the Buckner family, Robert was born on Jan 14, 1795 and his wife Mary Deweese on Oct. 29, 1796. Mary was the daughter of the Rev. Garrett Deweese and Susanna Palmer. 
As with his father, not much is known about the life of Robert, and we get the names of his children from the settlement of his estate.  Robert died just about the same time as his father, on June 3rd 1840. His children went to court to try to settle his estate.  
His children were:

Gaines Roberts was born around 1816, he married Eliza Unknown.  In the 1850 census he and his family were in Cherokee, Georgia and in 1860 they were in Jerusalem, Pickens, Georgia.  This is last census I can find him in.  He is sometimes confused with another Gaines Roberts who lived and died in Buncombe, County.  That Gaines married Eliza Guthrie. 

Susanna Roberts born May 1817  married James A. Buckner and lived her life in Buncombe County.  She died in 1878.

Malinda Roberts born around 1820 married Robert Levi Ingle. He was born in March of 1820.  He served in the 60th NC infantry, Light Artillery and was captured after the Battle of Nashville in Dec. 1864. After the war, he and his family moved to Marion County, Arkansas.  The last census I can find them in is 1880.
RZ Roberts

Matilda Roberts born about 1821 married T.J. Morrison.  Cannot find them.

Levicia Robert was born around 1826 she married James W. Patterson.  They also moved to Marion County, Arkansas. Last found in the 1880 census.

Ninevah Roberts born around 1823 he married Malinda Harwood.  They lived in Buncombe County, NC. He served in the 2nd  North Carolina Mounted Infantry. Last found in Bull Creek, Madison County  NC.

Hannah Roberts  born about 1828 cannot find anything on her.

Thursey Roberts was born in 1832 she married Robert Pickens and spent her life in Buncombe, County.  She died in 1926. 

Robert Zimri was born 1836 he married Margaret Waters.  He served in the 11 Georgia Infantry. He died in 1902 in Elijay, Gilmer, Georgia.  

Robert Zemery Roberts
Robert Zimri Roberts
Garrett Monroe Roberts was born Aug. 1837, he was only 3 when his father died.  Garrett  married twice. His first wife was Nancy Caroline McCurry and second was Norah Unknown.   He enlisted and served with the North Carolina 5th Cavalry Battalion.  He eventually moved to Gilmer, Georgia.  Last found 1910 census in Tails Creek, Gilmer, Georgia.

Mary Deweese Roberts died in 1845.  her younger children lived with their older siblings. In her daughter Thursey's death Certificate her name was given as Elivira. 

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