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Surname Sander, Saunders, Sanderson, Saunderson

Variations of the spelling of the name Sanders/Sanderson in the records of Watertown, Cambridge and Groton, MA

From the Watertown Records Book One and Two:
p. 38 1654 Robert Sanders should have 2lbs of powder for the making of fireworks 

p. 71 Jan 1660 Edward Sanders & six children

p. 77 1663 to old Saunders when his wife lay in. Cloak and a blanket and pork

p. 81 1664 agreed that Edward Sanders shall have 3 bushels of indian corn

p. 97 1669 to William Bond for a bushel of corn given to Ed Sanderson
        to John Coolidge for a bushel of corn given to Ed Sanderson

p. 98 1669 order that John Bigulah shall agree with John Ball about Edward Sanderson, what wages his (Edwards) daughter what wages she will be payed

p. 100 1670 Left. Jonathan Sanders rate of 2s and Simon Stons salery

p. 102 Nov. 1670 Ordered that Edward Sanderson and Richard Betch shall be warned to      the next meeting of the Selectmen that they give account of their condition as to any wants that they are in

p. 103 1670 .....appointed to treat with Edward Sanderson and his wife about getting a service for the biggest of his two least of his children where it may be in their own content and the good education of the child in learning and labor of the town will be helpful to them in it if they desire it and to aquaint them that if themselves do not that the town will provide a service for it. 

p. 104 1670 agreed that Thomas Fleg and John Bigulah shall treat with Edward Sanderson and his wife about putting out a child to be an apprentice with Mr. Neuenson and to drive a bargain about it if they can. 

p. 105 1671 There coming a complaint to us the Selectmen concerning the poverty of Edward Sandersons family. That they have not the wherwithall to maintain themselves and children either with supply of provision or employment to earn any and considering that it would be the charge of the town to provide for the whole family which will be hard to do this year....we have agreed to put out 2 of his children.

p.107 1671  Thomas Fleg and John Bigulah at a meeting were appointed to put out the childering of Edward Sanderson apprentices....they put out the oldest of the two of a matter of 8 years til she be 18.

p. 117 1673 to John Fleg part of what was promised him with Sandurses child by the selectmen

p.  120 to John Fleg for Sandurses

p. 124 to John Fleg for Sandures

p. 127 to John Fleg for Ned Sandurs

Watertown Land Grants
Robert Sanderson:
A Homestall of 6 acres bounded east with the hiway the south with Richard Linton the north with Thomas Boyson
4 acres of swamp

Thomas Boyson:
borders with Robert Sanders

Sale of land to William Shattuck
p. 85 of Watertown records Vol. 1
at at town meeting on Dec 27 1664 the town voted that William Shattuck shall enjoy the land he bought of Sandors provided he pay to Sandors 20 bushels of corn

William Shattuck's will
 he leaves his wife and son the house and land he bought of Edward Sanderson.

The will of John Flagg
In the will of John Flagg he describes his land including the 12 acres he had that was next to Edward Sanders

Watertown compilation of births and marriages:
p.  14  1649 Benajmin Sanderson s/o Robert and Mary baptized
p.  16  1651 Sary Sanderson d/o Robert and Mary baptized
p.  16  1652 Robert Sanderson s/o Robert and Mary baptized
p.  12  1645 Edward Sanderson and Mary Egellston were married
          1646 Jonathan Sanderson s/o Edward and Mary
p. 28   1665 William Sandors & Sary  were married
p. 29   1667 John Sandors s/o William and Sary
p. 30   1668 Sary d/o William and Sary Sanderson
p. 33   1670 William Sandors s/o William and Sary 
p. 34   1671 Mary Sandors d/o William and Sary
p. 46   1679 Lidia d/o William and Sary Sanderson
p. 48   1680 Joseph s/o William and Sary Sanderson

Middlesex County Court Records
1659 Job Lane recognizance for Jonathan Saunders and Richard Tree his servants 
1666 in a court case involving multiple young people, William Sanders was named as one who was drinking alcohol with Justinian Holden Jr. and other young people.
1669 William Sanderson was a witness in the drowning death of Thomas Hastings son. 
1673 Jon. Sanders testified, age 26

Middlesex County Land Deeds
1678 Joseph Parker to William Saunderson sale of land in Groton was made in 1673
1681 D. Andrews sells to Jonathan Sandors of Cambridge land in Watertown
1684 Martin Towning to Jonathan Saunders of Cambridge land in Watertown
1687 Richard Norcross to Jonathan Sanders of Cambridge of Watertown
1697 Deposition of Jonathan Sandors who was a servant of Justinian Holden

Records and Files of the Quarterly Court of Essex
Edward Sandors, Mr. Robert Saltinstall assignee of Edward Sandors agent of Richard Saltinstall

1669 William Sanders and Mary Vocah sentenced for fornication. (note: this pair decided to marry to avoid being whipped and fined, they were from the Salem area of Mass. William deserted Mary and went first to Barbados and them to London.  Several men from the Salem area identified him in Barbados and caught up with him in London. He was not the the William Sanders of Watertown, but he might have been the Wiliam Sanders who took the oath of fidelity in 1654.

Salem Vital Records
April 1670 William Sanders son of William and Mary Vokes 

Records of The Suffolk County Court
1678 Sarah Sanderson and Robert Darbey for fornication, since married

Cambridge Town Records (these are the records concerning Jonathan Sanderson s/o Edward Sanderson of Watertown
p. 209 Jonathan Sanders chosen hogreeve 1673
p. 221 1674 Jonathan Sanders appeared before the selectmen and was convicted of felling trees on the common
p. 246 1679 Jonathan Sanders chosen surveyor of highway
p. 246 1679 mention of a cow on the common belonging to Mr. Sanders
p. 253 1681 Jonathan Sanders complaint of Daniel Gookin
1688 list of Cambridge tax payers: Jonathan Sanders

Cambridge Vital Records pertaining to Jonathan Sanderson 
1669 marriage of Jonathan Sanders and Abiah Bartlett
1673 Oct 25 Abiah Sanders d/o Jonathan and Abiah
1674 Thomas Sanders  s/o Jonathan and Abiah 
1679 May 28 Benjamin Sanders s/o Jonathan and Abiah
1677 May 25 John Sanders s/o Jonathan and Abiah
1681 Samuel Sander s/o Jonathan and Abiah
1683 Eward Saunders s/o Jonathan and Abigail (is that a typo)
1689 Hannah Saunders d/o Jonathan and Abiah 

Watertown Church
19 June 1687 Abia w/o Jon Sanders admitted to Watertown Church

Watertown Records
27 March Jonathan Sanders chosen Constable
14 May called serjant Sanders
1696 Jonathan Sanders chosen to keep a committee for the east part....

The Early Records of Groton 1662-1707
p. 67 Rate list for the year 1681 Wil Sander
p. 70 one of only 73 heads of households in Groton William Sanders
p.90 at a general town meeting held at Groton 27 May 1685 agreed upon and voted that they would give William Sandrs that smalll piece of land lying by John Parshis to set your house upon consideration William Sandrs is to have the hiway four poles wide and if he do anyway damage to the hiway he is to make it so finished.
p. 99 June 1689 chosen fence viewer: William Sandors

Middlesex County Probate Records
William Sanderson was killed in Groton in 1694 in an Indian attack, he had no will but his estate was probated by his son. In the document they are known as William Sanderson of Groton and his son, also named Sanderson.

Named in the Will of Robert Sanderson and his wife
Joseph Saunderson son of William Saunderson of Groton
Lydia and Mary daughters of William Sanderson

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