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Robert Roberds of Buncombe, North Carolina

When I first joined I started my tree with the Roberts family.  They are my husband's ancestors and of course my son's but I have walked around for almost 25 years with Roberts as my name so I feel some attachment for these people.  The Roberts' were a fun family to research, they moved in large family  units, married their neighbors and were fairly easy to trace. The furthermost back in the family that I can go and provide genealogical proof is Robert Roberds.  I have seen his father given as William, but no proof or documentaion was offered, so I am leaving him out.  It was also interesting to follow the changing spelling of the name from Robards, Roberds to Roberts.

Buncombe, North Carolina

map of Buncombe County
The Roberds family lived for sometime in Buncombe County in North Carolina. I have never been there but I have heard that the country is beautiful. The county was formed in 1791 and named for a Revolutionary War Hero.  The county is in the western part of the state, the part that looks like a tail.  The terrain is mountainous and I'm not sure how good it is for farming.  According to Wikipedia the majority of the first settlers in Buncombe were Baptists.   The Roberts land was in the North part of the state above Weaverville.

Robert Roberds

Robert Roberds or Robards and sometimes Roberts is as far back as I can trace the family and this narrative begins with his end, or at least his will.  The will gives us the all important names of his wife and children, it also very graphically show that this was a family of slave owners. Given the date and location, this shouldn't come as a shock, but it does all the same. His will was written in Bumcombe County on 10 April 1840.The following family is named in his wife:
Wife:  Nancy to recieve all household and kitchen furniture, all his stock and three "negros viz Julia, Jaz, Larkin for her lifetime and when she dies they are to be sold and profits given to his children. Nancy also is to receive $100.00.
Son: Shelton to receive one "negro girl named Almina and her increase" forever
Son: Robert to receive one "negro boy named Persey forever" and one tract of land containing fifty acres joining Charles McKinney James A Buckner and said  son Robert, also another tract of land joining Wm Anderson and the Deweese   tract I give to my said son Robert
Son: John to receive ten dollars
Daughter: Louisa Ann Tatum to receive "one negro girl named Mariah for her with her increase forever, but I will that same girl be and remain with wife during her natural life except she see proper to give her up to Louisa Tatum, and my wifes act in keeping or giving up said girl is my will entirely
Son: William to receive ten dollars
Son: Augustus C. to receive "one note of hand I hold on himself for the amount of sixty dollars"
Son: Pierce to receive "one negro boy named Harry to have and possess forever"
Son: Alfred B to receive "one negro boy named Sam and one rifle to have and possess forever"
Grandsons: Robert Bertes Roberts and Andrew Martin Roberts to receive one tract of land where my son William now lives and one negro girl named Lally for them to possess forever but the land and the negro to remain under the control of the executors  of the will
Grandaughter: Elizabeth C. to receive "one negro girl named Mary to have and possess the same forever  to be under the control of the executors
Executors: sons Pierce and Alfred B.
Presented in Oct. 1840

Robert's wife Nancy is said to be either Nancy Cody or Nancy Seavy but I cannot find any proof for either name.  She is said to have died in 1848. I cannot find any information about either son Shelton or William. Robert, Jr. is said to have died in June of 1840.  The other sons moved in the 1850's to Ellijay in Gilmer County, Georgia. I will try to do a profile of each of the children and their children.
If you know anything about this family please let me know.

Will of Robert Roberds


Alvina Stahl said...

I would like to know if you have ever came across the name Richardson Roberts or John Carolinan Roberts in your research? Richardson Roberts was born in North Carolina and then moved to Tennessee where he had his son John Carolinan Roberts. Richrdson's wife was Mary and they only had the one son that I know of. John Roberts married a lady named Martha Flimul Vance. They had several childern; one of whom was named James Monroe Roberts of which my family is decended from. We know very little of the Roberts family since very little information has ever been given to us; despite the fact that we have asked several times for more family information. One of the reasons we have little information is due to the fact that most of the Roberts have (for lack of better words) shuned our family. And the only ones we have been able to communicate with did not like to talk that much about those who had passed on. If you clould help us shed any light at all on some more of the Roberts we would be most greatful.

Alvina Stahl said...

Dear Jeanie,

I posted about a year ago wondering if you have found anything on a Richardson Roberts and his son John Carolina Roberts. I found your post again and clicked on it because it mentioned Richardson Roberts but got the same thing I have seen before. I've searched around on your site and still do not see a post regarding Richardson Roberts.
To be honest I have found researching the Roberts family a rather daunting task given that I know very little past my Great, Great Grandparents. My mother knew of someone in the Roberts family that she has tried to get information from but they have been rather stingy with their information.
If you could just give me even a hint as to where to look for some more information or documentation; it would be very appreciated. So far the only things I have found on Richardson Roberts are census and land grants. Nothing else. It's as if the guy didn't exist until 1820, yet I have been told that he was born sometime in 1770; but i have found no exact proof of this.

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